About Us

About Us

Like You, We're Reloaders

The concept of BULLET PROOF SAMPLES came from our frustration at the expense and waste currently inherent in reload development. Reloaders need to experiment, and sooner or later we all wind up with partially-used boxes of leftover bullets which will never be opened again.

The idea of sample packs of bullets is not new. What is new is that BULLET PROOF has conveniently packaged a wide variety of brands, calibers, weights, and styles, all for sale from local firearms retailers. We know reloaders like to see a new bullet before they buy it. So our packs are transparent and attractively presented on display hangers.

We also know reloaders need variety. With a BULLET PROOF display rack, retailers can offer a wide range of bullet types and weights, and reloaders can try various sample packs for around the same cost as one regular box.

We know this because we are reloaders too, and this is what we want.

BULLET PROOF does not offer specific bullet recommendations. Instead, we aim to make the widest possible selection available so reloaders can form their own opinions based on their own results.